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Lost in a Cyber World Television, started us on a road [...]

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Lost in a Cyber World
Television, started us on a road which our brains adapt and function most comfortably within a two
dimensional reality. Its new and interactive sister the computer began fulfilling our wants equally with
our needs.
Life, once naturally drew us into the world both interacting and exciting our five senses, The world in
our grasp had a modality that inter-played us and the world around which gratified our desires and
to warn us of the potential dangers taught to us by our parents outside our homes when interacting
with our surroundings. We rapidly became trained on the screen which only satisfied two of our five
senses. The visual and audio is all that can be gratified through this two dimensional screen. Our
tactile movements release the sight and sound from the touch command that silences the remaining
senses to standby. It is true that the information medium created through the internet grants us
freedoms never before dreamed, with speed that moves us into unfamiliar realms with dangers
The privileges granted to travel this virtual highway has road signs not to direct, rather to distract.
We are conditioned to accept responsibilities and adherence's through disclaimers before passage.
That is the terms and conditions we agree to or disagree with that binds to ultimately hold us
accountable. (The more diversified gadgets produce a more concise and evolving semantics)? We
contract with the hosts conditions and for lack of due diligence we acquiesce and tacitly agree to
loose our rights to travel unmolested. (Never to challenge the conditions until we are in front of a
Magistrate fighting with words designed for and by attorneys designing the conditions which lay the
burden of all liabilities upon ourselves)?. We must as the third party review how the terms should
benefit and protect us before we're brought before the Court. Without safeguards, we put forth a
conditions set forth by us as a tacit recipient, we will remain disrespected and inconsequential if a
proactive protection is not presented.
I, like all of us, am stimulated with beautiful landscape that incites and excites emotions created from
TV, commercials, computer images and the musical accompaniment and all its visual effects.
Occasionally, I am compelled out of my confines to make plans from what reminds me of what I am
missing. That is; to go out and experience what I saw through the screen, to realize time by our self
or share with loved ones or friends. We hasten or deliberate our plans to go outside; to experience
all our senses can embrace
Yet, there is a darker side of our interface. There is beauty and behind the curtain there lays
predators. Danger is a silent passenger moving with us through uncharted excursions. We chance
these hazardous encounters from those who monopolize our attention with pop ups, adds, offers
and that catch phrase "act now" interrupting our excursion. Attention switches and we follow adds to
find ourselves in a deeper and different layer of presentment, that the site entertained may not be a
trusted site. Partners, links, affiliates and those sites which pose to be cannot immediately be
discerned. Inadvertently, we stumble upon hostile territory and may be set upon at any time for
breach of contract.
The Regulatory Governmental Standards will impact us adversely. Terms and Conditions need to be
counter offered with terms and conditions we introduce for our protection and their accountability. It
is true the Web is open and we are cautioned that data thieves are seeking opportunity from the
Page 1unsuspecting. Privacy is a word that has no restrictions from the standards they alone set as a
binding document, with no risk to the web server.
Surveillance without threat can now supersede liberty. We must write our conditional acceptance
before we agree to terms and conditions. Accountability exists if trust is not violated. I imagine, it is
the rights of the advertisers that relax all safeguards so their product is open and seen.
Unfortunately, it facilitates the same measure for all windows to act alike. Without circumventing our
freedom we must create accountability with conditions to protect the guests from home invasion. Let
all suspect sites run through a cloud and the server can manage the damage. If they choose not to
comply for fear of infecting or treading unhallowed ground, too bad! They have more resources and
can follow easily from whence the malicious programs came from.
Our interaction and experience with our computer has a refining and evolving sequence that reveals
to us new experiences of freedom. Equally, the evolving interchange is added to our query. To more
easily define, analyze and comparatively correlate the information for future directives, expeditiously.
It should but doesn't caution us daily that our interactions are with robots which can't advise us
differently but only give choices. The mistake is: we are under the spell or misconception that our
computer refines our choices and we become more affable to accept the information. We may have
a tailored Browser for our likes and app's that make each ones unique. This is only making up on
the face. It is the animation process which delivers us to our destination. The savvy and the
inexperienced surfing side by side on the Internet wave are both faced with enigmatic dangers.
Laws and rules lie behind the pages under the surface content. These pages are all familiar but for
aesthetic difference and it is this common modality that could hide inherent liabilities. These are
snares for those who think that they're private browsing has protection through their intimate
familiarity, protected in seclusion and anonymity.
Behind our screen are trappers who dug pitfalls and strung snares, using each for the appropriate
game to be trapped. Key-words are initiators, relevancy's are the support groups and repetition is
the odds to predict. Not all trappers have a malicious design. But they will not become apparent until
a worm or virus has begun to eat the program we had given a character for its own individuality.
Possibly, The Federal Government creates codes that are identifiers for suspect domains. The
negative charge links and reveals inappropriate content. The Web page is a positive sought by the
user. This will create a charge and then it is too late, a summons is born and you have become
suspect. Where we tread could amount to a trespass. It will not be the eyes that see or the ears that
heard or the fingers that lead that will be held accountable but the person owning the three senses,
creating the act.
Victims do not die in the cyber world by the trapper who has not checked his snare. Because, not all
key words are always culpable outside the correlatives which warrant suspicion. Only when the trip
sounds the alarm, that the snare has sprung and warrants further inquiry. It seems innocent to the
unwary and ridiculed by the informed. The proficient surfers by their own self-definition say that if no
wrong is intended, no fear need be entertained hence, understanding the confines and not moving
outside the paths is that no damage can be perceived nor penalty incurred, the question one must
ask; Is that always true in a cyber-world for the unskilled as well as the adept?
A key stroke is answerable to a league of trained readers, viewers and analyzers. Some may
believe the Inquisition was a horrible miscarriage of justice. This is a Technological Inquisition that is
as pervasive in nature and will always evolve, expand, encompass and relegate the suspects within
a categorical imperative. It will lay claims that must be answered. We are guilty in a cyber-world
much like cameras on highways and streets. The preponderance of guilt comes first and we are to
defend our innocence. The fact is the crime proceeds from our volition. Unsubstantiated Intent is
sufficient to indict. Law begins forming the charge. Like the camera on the highways or streets that
create the assumption of guilt. The innocent now must fight antithetically to the Maxim which created
it, inspired by Our Founding Fathers. We have seen camera's come and go on our highways by
Page 2treading on our Rights. "A person is innocent until proven guilty". Will we find safeguards as well in
Cyber Space? Reduce the risk and increase responsibility from our host to settle matters in the
In this world we must recognize that who we invite into our homes or retreats are not always
welcome guests. Some will have larceny, prying eyes and also interested parties looking to
categorize us by our social interests, someone is peeping through our key strokes without audio or
visual recognition ready to enter in through our tactile footprints. We are enticed, by the sweetness
of entertainment and unwittingly invite our guest to visit us and they, cordial to our invitation, bring
us cookies for desert.
The more nefarious relations are the links that bring us to the doorstep of stranger and different
meetings that are shades off what we intended or expected. This is the inherent danger; we are
brought into a stranger relationship. Unlike the past, where no two people can occupy the same time
while in different places are now occupying the same living space interacting simultaneously,
irrelevant of the distance. Let the traveler beware. We have put our imaginations on auto pilot. We
create as developers with our reason and imagination. But, other than posting, organizing and using
the applications available we are constrained within the limits by the choices offered. Our brains
became acclimated to the computer mother board. In essence we have become obedient to
commands we adopt for streaming without hindrance. Willingly, we give up unique human intrinsic
mental creations that hone and mirror our perception and we begin to subjugate ourselves to
facsimiles presented by the likes within the Programs. One must become submissive to the instant
comparative presented. Before, we were able to bathe and incubate upon the stimuli once afforded
us through time. Now, little by little it is being circumvented out by the instant computer generated
reality that has deduced our next move or direction. Self-rationalization may be a thing of the past as
this psychological profile continues towards its completion as it removes the more and more
obstacles to select more efficiently.
Lost in a cyber-world is moving through a labyrinth in flux. Computers are amusing, confusing,
rewarding and most definitely helpful as we engage in our information search, filing and
organization. The more dire consequences on the other hand range from our responsible choices to
a connectivity that has a fringe relationship to reside outside the mainstream tracking, camouflaged
strictly to deceive.
The computer is mine but like a snooping landlord opens the door to my I.P. Domain and takes our
property without fear of reprisal, all in the name of National Security. This means The Fed see's all
of us as potential threats, much like how American citizens were viewed within the Trading with the
Enemy Act. I do not doubt under this act the freedom of our Government to spy on us is upheld.
This platform of free speech on the information highway will be set with speed traps and decoy's as
they continue to amass a profile for what can only be codified as a problem and finally separated out
in their net of one violating the law and dissenters.
These fishers of men weave invisible cyber-nets for the patsies, the outspoken or free thinkers. Our
first Amendment rights have been has been steadily whittled away. Scammer's, advertisers,
surveyors, consumer groups, Investigators, monitors and hackers and the like are all intruders. To
them we are the passive, ignorant, unsuspecting, and predictable. We will be controlled without
rules of clarification if we fail this task. They will begin to dictate how we will pay for the charge they
bring. To The Public Officials we would be dealt with without mercy. The prosecutors seek and will
not stop until a plea is accepted. Then, can the defendant throw themselves at the mercy of the
court by accepting the charge, notwithstanding the intent or excuse, evidenced through testimony.
We move from victim to suspect with not much more than a point of view or an outspoken opinion.
This abuse will continue in until we raise a voice than remain in silence.
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