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Flags untrue wave our attention towards deceit The twin plot crashes [...]

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Flags untrue wave our attention towards deceit
The twin plot crashes planes mortal damage just insane
Created foes for terrors sake, accuse a Muslim plot, Begin a security with homeland patriots afoot, for a Country’s wellbeing manifesting as Dionysus and the Apollonian image crafted and fabricated as interactive information labeling rather than defining streamed through mediums of talented news anchors under the power the claim they hold fast and independent
Death and devastation design laws to enact and dismantle liberty for our own sake.
Freedom and fear deliver forces in our streets. As more threats follow and surface, a nation defines freedom under a security overseer.
Unfounded threats send forces to quell as false alarms are given status precaution validates Para Military and Police presence to extinguish anxiety for exercises to control.
We are glued to News flashes for violent potentials hailing responders to protect the fragile American People they have sworn to preserve.
Public safety and risk become synonymous acceptance ripped from our control. Internal armies for and grow stronger and larger by the day.
Disarm Americans, confiscate the guns as mad law makers arm forces on our shores.
Oklahoma Bombing suspects, one euthanized as one of the quickest assignations in history and his cohort in ADMAX prison for life with no outside contact.. The local news in Oklahoma City shared in the first day of broadcasting the event that two other bombs located within the FBI Building were not detonated and removed. All news coverage after that a fact went silent as if no other bomb was ever found. How did these two manure toting explosive assailants manage the two other bombs from within? It would have been impossible to gain access and plant devices with no clearance or access to enter without scrutiny. They had no contact with agents and never granted a pass from any agent within. If it makes no sense then it can be used to the Media’s advantage, there was no possible connection to be made with McVeigh and Nichols in connection with the interior bombs, then it was not to be investigated as unrelated and unfounded pertaining to the accused, guilt and convictions.
One must assume if McVeigh hadn’t run wheel barrows of manure up the FBI floors then the bombs found must have been of a superior design. I must think someone within could not detonate the ordinance for conscience could not permit it. Who ever received immediate transfer or went missing within the agency would be a likely candidate opposing orders and risk exposure.
A crazy drug induced, mind controlled shill in Aurora, under the psychiatric care of a Military Psychiatrist who in the service worked in the mind control programs and behavior modification. Government Agencies charged him with Murder and mayhem despite evidence compiled and censored from the public. If not for photo availability to all people at any time we could not have seen the internet images presented which refute what the Media had told its viewers.
Stain blood trails lead from street to theatre, these trails are splashed toward and not away from movie house and not a print from the fleeing, stamped from a shoe exiting the chaos to escape.
Sandy hook chills our senses with slain children and a gunman his own life he took, but videos fabricate a staged assault from police with the scene they aired proved not the S. H. school grounds but a parking area similar very close but, not Sandy Hook Parking lot. Why fabricate a drill and parade it on the news as real time incidents unfolding at the scene?
Government, Our President vilifies owners of guns a potential danger of the public and seeks a ban. Special interest group’s voice agreement saying remove guns and we’ll be safe, The question unthinkable to the mass but sounded from the attentive and aware questions, whom made these acts of terror so that reason succeeds purpose to disarm. The plot and design made for reactions to terror by our own Public officials moved the public by mind with alternating sympathy, familiar and hatred and extermination to threats.
A marathon bomb killing, maiming and injuring scores, News reported over two hundred people injured, Seconds after bomb detonation the sidewalk was empty of bodies and blood just moments later a choreographed set of actors arrived from surrounding area. They moved props and people into position and scene of carnage began to appear. The numbers continued to grow as actors continue to arrive later Some seen in video, shredding clothes, bursting pillows of powder, others smear fake blood while others clothes were shredded from shrapnel with not a scratch on their skin. Amputee victims of the war and accidents contributed to this farce to incite disbelief and dispara all to, create indecisiveness, maintain heightened alarm and draw attention to key players on parade while other actors go unnoticed in plain sight. Problems arose from cameras not scheduled in the shoot, bringing us behind the curtain watching the actors getting into costume. The Boston marathon, a staged event, the incriminated footage contrary to Medias elaborate hoax. The ones behind this fraud and our independent news channels resemble two thugs, one watching and waiting his turn as the other rapes the victim, unfortunately the victim is of unsound mind and cannot speak. Through selective omission and redundant facsimile’s of the fact drummed into citizens heads. Eventually they exhaust all skepticisms as time withers the unpopular world view. Some accept what they know as untrue as a personal truth but tire arguing what seemingly all accept. To control television, Computer News sites, newspapers and News anchors parading expert witnesses to clarify a ruse fabricated to shut our reasoning faculties down. We become tired explaining objectively to the cognitive dissonant whose reply is a sneer and dismissal. They recite the expert’s reasons in fifty shade of gray stemming from one supposition.
With our heart in pain for the unfortunate, innocent victims, we should be relentless to expose these fraudsters for the damage caused from a false claim as objective perception. The National News tell empathetically to the audience, how the US is in great sorrow and the despicable terrorists having compromised our security at the price of our freedoms for the liberties law enforcement will advance to refine deployment for the next inevitable plot.
Two brothers are charged with plots intent to terrorize a neurotic Nation accepting the fears as a recurrence of 911. Two Muslim students, Brothers we’re told acted alone. We were told they were on welfare. Yet the older brother stands in front of his Mercedes in designer clothes looking happy and adjusted. The same Mercedes he was accused of carjacking. All accounts from backpacks to carjacking and the young brother ran over his sibling, killing him during a gun battle.
All accounts have been documented negating claims told in the Media Tarsnov’s back pack still on him while he exits the staged street, while mercenaries coordinating by radio outfitted in military style clothing, dropped their packs. We see them flee the scene only jacket on back. The logo on the back pack on the military was exploded showing the same insignia on the pack as on their hats.
Both boys were unhurt upon capture as seen in videos surfacing after the media spin, contrary to news one enters a patrol car stripped/naked and unharmed as the other exits a boat untouched from a concussion bomb they claimed exploded injuring the younger brothers throat was fabricated and disproven with internet photos. If the Media chooses not to address claims and it has the only voice it remains unchallenged and given validity for an unrebutted claim.
The older was brutalized and murdered once in his captive’s grips as the Youngers injured throat happened after him exiting the boat devoid of blood and under his full and uninjured control. When he was taken into custody were injuries done unto him. Conveniently this opportunistic injury was to prevent all verbal communication from then and still now, not a word spoken from him or recorded by a reliable source.
The Martial Law exercise went splendidly, without a hitch. All citizens consent and became willing captives, quarantined and confined. The forces then began illegal search seizure into homes without warrant and trespass on our rights with an exercise to familiarize us with protocols to be used at the next scheme hatches, as our Nation sits idle glued to the television so we might discuss the events as each of us spin our unique vision of a fairy tale masqueraded as a fact.
It is for the good of the people, forced to play games that will teach, to be told what where and how we will act and accept a control. We are quantized as a deer in the headlights to coral for smooth traffic as we cannot move under our own accord.
We have graduated from autonomous thinkers to an audience awaiting the next act.
The questioning few who stood their ground and questioned the power enforcing rule were branded under Homeland Security, threatened to be silent or suffer penalties. The mass will categorize Patriot objectors citing rights under law as insurrectionists. No News of them was broadcasted. A totalitarian mentality is propagandized as a public sense unified for the progress of invaders to liberty.
All false flags with one purpose in mind was to control the masses with alternating fear, outrage, forces for justice to mobilize for public benefits makes malleable mind and fertile ground to plant predictive responses conducted for a symphony for emotive reaction. We wait for a happy ending. They planned for a triumphant citizen cheer as the ballad of forces march down our streets as we look out our windows and wait the news tell us we are safe. The news is ready with all the hype and fanfare so we own the good conclusion as one Nation, indivisible, without liberty or justice for all.
The News gives testimony with photos, eyewitnesses, and candid accounts from ones they tout with experience to give us what we need to defend as our own beliefs. The parade with spiced language we prefer, conservative or liberal both agree to the deplorable actions from outside powers set to destroy our comfortable lives. This promotion of deception from ones we entrust is outlined as a Nations Perception a spun web contrived for institutionalized acceptance of what is presented removes doubt with communal alliance, sufficiently abstract for us to connect the dots giving reason to our conception
The American Life is entertained. Fashion, gadgets, television, games and because this is a National acceptance we authorize entertainment as our medium of exchange.
A Nation lost within public opinion designed for the masses to believe they think and act independently and blindly accept all precepts handed us with no opposition.
Our minds swirl around the affairs like immigration, fair wages, and jobs and. We are constantly reminded of the haves and have not’s that saturate our minds with cars we can’t afford but others can’t either. Happiness grounded in vanity denying the future we dismiss and fail to secure by a sales pitch.
We are shown beautiful people, Famous people and daily are reminded to despise our lack of conviction to be skinny, muscular, and healthy and all take time effort and money.
If the populace cannot achieve these goals because of economics, will or focus then these commercials have a different agenda than collective wellbeing.
We talk trash how our President can take us to war without Congress yet we sit idly by. We almost never see no one in Government and Banking scandal are brought to justice, only the small fish.
We have the collective power to remove every single one of the two branches of Government and create guidelines for the Judicial Branch in prosecuting these persons who have a mutual concern to keep the American people dumb.
Education must teach fundamental law, policy and debate issues that make the people active participants in running our Government.
When we are conditioned to swallow all the drug commercials that absolve them from litigation by the disclaimers broadcasted is no less repugnant with all the lawyer commercials to sue Companies Bosses and expose the necessity for them to speak for us.
This country had courts whereby ordinary people defended them as we should return our judicial branch to encourage and our educational system to propagate for our return and inclusion dealing with our Domestic and International affairs.
Our perseverance should be fortified by our foresight. To expect the greed mongers and moneychangers return with more of the Mind Control weapons foisted upon us presently.
United we must see the spectacle of deception our Government has synthesized for their greater good and security. It is not our interest motivating their decisions. We are a predictable formula. They need only supply the stimuli and coordinated interferences.
The interference is a two edge sword to engage one topic engaging two groups which vary barely and use the assaulting sides that gives validity over time while letting the original proposition stand instead of trimming it from either side mutually and killing it if its quality to sustain scrutiny depreciable unable to maintain value to propagate.
The recreation of ongoing education must be totally revamped. This information on how we individually and collectively contribute to our society must have support in the numbers of one educator for every thirty people. The central Intelligence will become a pioneer in raising the public from a state of wards whereby others must act in own behalf.
The deceivers must be flushed from our society a new ad hoc Government instilled by the people adhering to laws that made this Country the beacon of the world.
Our humanitarian nature will come as a result of our central evolving involvement as finance and stultified legislation has become the earmark of our Country. To repeal laws passed without majority content and justice brought on the ones perpetrating fraud as business of the day.
Let us recondition our Media charge and indict the culprits behind and fostering the deceivers.
The messenger is as culpable at the initiator for they carry with what we have been conditioned to want. That is our discussions amongst each other arguing and defending the information believed a truth without challenge.
Commercials will return to necessities and the pride of nationalism hawking our own manufactured goods. We must return a neighborhood back to the people with stores, shops and restaurants serving us with quality items, service, familiarity and good will. Target, Home Depot or McDonalds a quality of losing oneself with the unfamiliar we are trained to accustom ourselves with.
To truly distribute the wealth is reduce Gov’t by seventy percent dismantle all central banks dissolve the IRS Homeland Security and other clandestine agencies answering to no one who could be prosecuted as the responsible party for wrong doings.
Transportation is a new infrastructure making reliable access for all in abundance. Then cars may become fewer on the road and back to one per household.
Encourage farming to produce vitality for us with commercials explaining benefits. Export is only second to our citizen’s requirements. Every other Country can bid against them only after we are nourished. Our humanitarian aid will flow in abundance to the impoverished. We will again lead the world not to be seen a generous, rather producers that give philanthropy a clean name without tax shelters and incentives, true philanthropy.
Our turning point is now; if we wait idly by we may wake up in a world devoid of choice because we chose not to act.
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