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Hi all my BEAUTIFUL SISTERS and BROTHERS I awakened on [...]

San Diego, California
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Hi all my BEAUTIFUL SISTERS and BROTHERS I awakened on my spiritual path on August 10th 2017 even though I'm sure it's been a lot longer for some of you it still can be quite lonely sometimes when it comes to talking and hanging out with like minded brothers and sisters so if you're interested and your anywhere near me hear San Diego don't hesitate to connect I do have my notifications on and I am active online and if you want to look me up on Facebook I'm under Diana Y and I'm public so if you want to stalk go ahead I'll just be sending you nothing but love lol😍😇💞🌎🦅🕊🦄
Welcome Diana,,,there is a powerful meditation we do every sunday,,,,,worth your time ,,,,,,,has lots of relevant info about the Event of awakening that's unfolding and meditations to anchor the Goddess energy in Self , loved ones and Gaia and all related kingdoms.
Sunday 11 March 2018, 02:30:44
Diana Y
Thank you for the info I set my alarm for early on sundays so I can be ready😍 super excited to join in thank you the invite.
Tuesday 13 March 2018, 04:55:35
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