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South Ness is a working 8 acre croft located on [...]

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South Ness is a working 8 acre croft located on the Island of North Ronaldsay, Orkney. North Ronaldsay is Orkney's most isolated island, lying further north than the southern tip of Norway and is approx 3 miles long by 1 mile wide. People have been living here in a self sustainable community for over 5000+ years, but due to various factors the population has now dropped to a mere 50 souls.
Famed for its seaweed eating sheep, the island has retained its distinct culture and traditions and is loved by residents and visitors alike.
Thanks to the ameliorating influence of the warm Gulf Stream, the climate is not as harsh as might be expected for an island at such a northerly latitude and winter temperatures are comparatively mild. Exposure to the warm currents, however, must also mean exposure to strong winds and rough seas, which can be a spectacular experience here at times.
The land has been left fallow for several years and to our knowledge has never had chemicals,pesticides,insecticides, fertilizers or any other crap sprayed on her. Previous to that the land had been manually cultivated for hundreds of years, with only seaweed and green material being used to enrich the soil.
Our aims here at South Ness are:
1. Grow Hemp and bring awareness to people of the versatility of this plant
2.. To cultivate and save/share heirloom open pollinated variety seeds from all over the world.
3. To explore the world of fungi/mushrooms and her medicinal uses
4. To grow crops in an organic method using plants that grow in symbiotic fashion with each other using the ancient 3 sisters system.
5. To learn and explore more about plant based diets and their effects on health
6. To re-learn the old methods of preserving/preparing and cooking foods.
7. To help ensure the survival of the rare North Ronaldsay seaweed eating sheep and other endangered species.
8. To remain an open house and offer sanctuary for all who wish to come and explore a remote island community that has lived here for over 5000+ years in a self sustainable way.
9. Encourage volunteers and others to come and learn the above with us at South Ness…
There are better vids but i kinda like this song!
[deleted user]
Wednesday 14 March 2018, 23:52:03
[deleted user]
Volunteer spots going fast: North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory & Guest House
Wednesday 14 March 2018, 23:53:22
[deleted user]
Volunteers needed for South Ness sheep punding season
Wednesday 14 March 2018, 23:54:37
[deleted user]
Volunteers needed for the hemp harvest if the bloody home office get their finger out and grant me a license in time!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday 14 March 2018, 23:55:21
Amazing!!!!! Am there (almost!) Do keep us updated on this Big Adventure and.. just thinking, have you also tried asking for volunteers from the Wwoof tribe, or the HelpeX group? Have worked with them often and they are generally very cool peeps.
Thursday 15 March 2018, 22:29:36
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