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Fresh snowfall today. So guess what experiment I'm going to [...]

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Fresh snowfall today. So guess what experiment I'm going to do.

I'll give everyone a clue

1. Build a snowman
2. Throw snowballs at the nearest politician I came find.
3. Try and break the record for the fastest downhill sledge ride.
4. Let it melt and see if there any metals in it.
5. Drink it when thawed. However confucius says never drink yellow snow. Thankfully it is pure white and what looks like some very tiny particules.

Time to get the magnet and microscope out I reckon
Sunday 18 March 2018, 15:32:17
I can confirm in the clean white bowl I used to carefefullu scoop up fresh snowfall with a clean tablespoon. There is a hell of alot of particles. What they are I cannot say but I would love to get it analysed. Not a happy chappy now. Grrr.
Sunday 18 March 2018, 16:13:20
I have now covered my small bowl and I'm going to leave it for a week or two for it to dry out. I will then see if a strong magnet will pick any particles up and take it from there.
Sunday 18 March 2018, 17:16:04
What did you do this sunday?

Well I can confirm I did one, three and four. Not five, I'm not stupid you know. But what I can confirm is I broke the record for the fastest ever downhill sledge ride

I will collect my gold medal later. Did not fancy the aluminum, barium and titanium medals.

And not two. As hard as I tried I could not find a government official round my area on a Sunday. So that means they must be real :)

:) Happy days or what.

P.S. Phillpots says never eat snow - FULL STOP
Sunday 18 March 2018, 17:27:35
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