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Talking the Walk or Walking the Talk – What’s it to be?

Just listened to another Max Igan radio show and as usual agreed with the greater part of what Max talked about. Some of the subjects talked about, such as crypto-currencies, I have a slightly different point of view and that is ok, in fact it is necessary to have various ideas laid out on topics because as we all know – nobody has all the answers and debate is the way to focus in on topics. I may think that I believe something and then another piece of info appears that alters my view either radically or subtly. I grow and my views become more coherent as I take in more information. So, I don’t feel bad that I don’t believe in anyones views 100% or that they don’t believe in mine. We are all trying to make sense of a millennia old conundrum that by its very nature is occult so how can any of us have all the answers? Only the arrogant feel that way!

When Max talked about crypto-currencies and how we should use these tools as they are available and may be used for good I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise in disdain, But then I gave myself a few minutes to take in what he was saying and saw that he was correct in his angle but that it was not the only angle! The idea that crypto-currencies could be amassed and used for the good is not a wrong point of view on certain levels but it is not the level that I am looking at. I see that using these digi-currencies is, in the short term, may be beneficial to peoples personal wealth and maybe that one in a million will use that wealth for the greater good but that is only the short term.

I have researched the situation that we find ourselves in for over twenty-five years but my research took on a different path to the many other researchers out there. Maybe I took too much acid in my youth or I fell off the tree a little early, who knows but my research followed paths that in specifics were different from most. The picture that I am painting is huge and follows the movement of our present day civilization from its origins some 6,000 years ago to its present manifestation and then to its pre-designated destination. What I discovered early on was that it really was all illusion. We, humanity, were enchanted into a very strange reality, a reality that no other animal on our planet seemed to perceive.

One of the main paths that I took on my journey was the Magickal path. Early on I had realised that a lot of ideas and methods that lay within the Magickal system were in fact integral to the illusion that we know as reality. My way of analysing the occult was to look to the root core of its structure, taking away any inference or reference to Gods and Demons. What I ended up seeing was an advanced Science that was being used to entrap the human-race and to direct the human-race towards a goal.

A great part of that Science concerns itself with creating an illusory paradigm for us to exist within and that we absolutely believe is real. None of it is real though or not real in the way that we think it is! A lot of my research was done on the Qabalah after I had a flash of inspiration that directed me towards it. My views on Qabalah are heretical. I believe that only if you realise that it is a system of Magick and Mysticism that is being used to direct us towards the self same aim that the rest of the paradigm is driving us towards can you begin to understand it. In fact I discovered that the Qaba;ah is in the driving seat and therefore a true understanding of it is necessary if we are to break free of all of this insanity.

After that little meander around the inside of my mind we return to my perception of crypto-currencies and why they scare the hell out of me! The more I studied the Qabalah the more I began to understand what ‘Number’ really was and how ‘Number’ could move in mysterious ways. The Qabalist ‘Tree of Life’ shows us that there are ten overt numbers that on one level correspond to our number series also there is a covert number. So in all there are eleven numbers on the Tree. These numbers are the numbers 1 to 11 but this series of numbers that we use for calculations are only one aspect of them. They represent an eleven dimensional construct and those eleven dimensions are the be all and end all of our perceived reality. Any advanced Mathematician will know that numbers are used to control and manipulate phenomena. Without number there could be no geometry and without geometry there could be no pyramids – do you get what I am saying here, I hope so.

A very famous Mathematician who was also a very famous occultist is the Greek Pythagoras. His explanation of number is Qabalist without doubt, he just placed his views in a way that logic could resonate with. The theory of the Monad is taken directly from Qabalist thought. The Number ONE, the Monad, is Unity and all other numbers are but fractions of that Unity. Add to this the concept of expansion and contraction and let’s see what we can make of the use of Number on a Grand Scale.

We have the Number ONE, its first action is to exhale. This exhalation shows us its component parts, these component parts are the number series, each number being a Unity to itself yet also each number being a part of the Unity that is ONE. The next action is inhalation, now the numbers return to their source, the Great ONE. Crypto-currencies are in the process of exhalation they are free radicals. It’s like the Wild West were the crazies were let out first to tame the terrain and when that was done the State flexed its muscle bringing all of the disparate parts back to their source and all were controlled once more The Adepts who truly control the Financial system have let the ‘crypto’s’ out of the bag knowing that when the terrain settles they will take control once again.

So, Max is right but only in the short term. I wish everyone a good ride but please know the end game! As far as I am concerned we should be trying to dismantle the entire Financial system and its fake value formula but once again Max is right, we need to take baby steps towards our goal as a big step would be too much for most.

Another point Max mentioned was the InPower movement and its work against 5G. Again he was right to say get involved in whatever was actually trying to halt the roll out of 5G and the plethora of ills that are attached to it. My thoughts on the methods envisaged by the InPower Movement are that it is attempting to use the Law to halt 5G’s roll out yet the Elite make the Laws and when it suits them they will change those Laws if we the people use them and seem to be winning. My second thought is about time and effort. I think that it is about six months ago that I saw the first articles on the site that were trying to galvanize everyone and then over a short period of time the focus was directed towards the ideas put forward by the InPower Movement. Let me make this clear, I am not against this movement I think it has done a lot to open more and more peoples eyes. I am only concerned that its methodology will not work in time. How many people are already trying to use InPower’ proposed method to halt 5G? If the number of people is not already in the tens of thousands then it will not have any chance of working on a global scale. Even if one of us gets through all of the legal hoops and has a victory in a court it is the thousand that live in our street that will set the stage for what becomes the norm. If a whole town collectively refused SMART meters and 5G then that would be the kind of victory we need but can that be done in the very small window of opportunity that exists before the roll out? Remember these guys are talking in terms of the next few years before roll out begins seriously. Will enough people have scored victories in the court rooms by then?

Max was right once more when he mentioned the need for a unified stance amongst the alternative web-sites, he made the point that there are not too many big names in the list but there are thousands of smaller sites around the world, not all speaking English, that have followers and that are talking the talk, how do we connect them all into one cohesive weapon that theoretically could have millions of followers? That is a question that we all should be looking for the answers to. That is how we begin to be a power, we unite with one focused aim and we ACT! Let it be noted that I am proposing that we put our minds on the question of how are we going to unite the people and then if we unite what do we do?
Interesting read , I agree .
Sunday 25 March 2018, 19:14:49
tony- great comments as usual. How about the focused aim being identifying the criminal cabal (government) with verifiable facts to help people see the main stumbling block that prevents us implementing any other 'solutions'. We then need to have clear steps for each one of us to take that force the 'public servants' into a position where they need to show cause as to why we should not hold them liable (and jail them on an island!) for crimes against humanity. Regardless of what our passions and opinions may be, this obstacle needs to be identified and removed. Quickly.
Monday 26 March 2018, 15:42:35
tony a
Thanks for that, I think that our first problem is our acceptance of the system. If we go and try to use the legal system in the accepted way we will be locked into meaningless drivel that seeks to wear us down and of course always needs tons of money. Remember who magicks up the money! Maybe we need to create our own set of Laws that are based on simple truth. You know, through our Religions we are told unequivocally that we should not kill or should not steal etc. But what a joke as Religion and Government are the greatest thieves and murderers that we could have conceived. So while these b------s demand and enforce Laws they do not enforce them on themselves so this may tell us in a nutshell what our Legal system is really about and how useless it is to try and use it. I have a little thought though, if we through this site can lay out a valid plan of action that in my view takes a step out of the box then when people like Max get invited to these alternative gatherings that have many of the big names involved the plan is laid out for all and if we can get the backing of the 'names' we can begin to collect their followers together for what must be in the end mass actions against the system itself. Of course the first step is to clarify our aim and our plan! Bit of a ramble but so much to say and I find this medium frustrating when trying to brain storm with people.
Tuesday 27 March 2018, 03:17:48
We can always set up a zoom or room to brainstorm; anyone interested (or with alternative meeting places with which they are comfortable) just leave a message here.
Tuesday 27 March 2018, 14:31:29
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