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Hi Folks, I encourage everyone to read, sign and share [...]

Waratah West, New South Wales
via The Full Circle Project
Hi Folks, I encourage everyone to read, sign and share this Petition to Bupa far and wide. Incredibly it was only started 1 month ago by a very pissed off insider doctor inside the private health care system. His name is Jason. He is a hero in my view and more doctors need to speak out about what these corporate gargantuan health giants are doing to people with all their profit driven cuts and rule changes.

I am in full support of this Petition and its objective and have created a link to it on my blog where you can read the full back story and accompanying updates.

Bupa and other health care providers need to take a big fucking step backward, they are toying with human lives and human financial wellbeing, your wellbeing and your hard earned cash, which without, they would not have been able to get to the size they are today.

Please support Jason will you.

Craig Peter DG

BUPA: Reverse your new rip-off policy changes exploiting vulnerable patients
Petition Started: 5 MARCH 2018 Today’s Date: 9 APRIL 2018 Petition Started by: Jason (Anonymous…
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