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In addition (and parallel to) the Kakistocracy request I made, [...]

Casares, Andalucía
via FCP Direct Action
In addition (and parallel to) the Kakistocracy request I made, here is another call for help. This time its based on our efforts at FCP over the last 10 months (see pinned post) to keep attention on the 5G deployment and consequent IoT/smart grid-kill grid network. Many members have contributed some great info. Now I am in the process of reaching out to some key people who have valid experience to help target all the action groups with details specific to them in terms of how this 60 GHz millimeter-wave soup will affect/increase the issues they are fighting for, be it weather modification, environmental issues, birds& bees (and yes, fertility issues) etc. There are several proposed stages to this 'cunning little plan' including NoL's, so do pm me here or email if you want to be more directly involved or have suggestions on this topic. Gracias
nat so
On my neighbor's wireless router, there is an option in the settings to enable or disable 5g broadcasting.
Tuesday 17 April 2018, 23:47:22
We all need to take action Now , time is of the essence , we are running out of time . I'm emailing as many non- experts and experts about wireless radiation .5G and geoengineering is directly related , we are slowly being cooked
Wednesday 18 April 2018, 05:06:33
[deleted user]
Hey Louise what kinda help you looking for?
Wednesday 18 April 2018, 11:36:13
Hey Carla.. left a message for you. Basically and initially to help me collect email contacts for all 'valid' people with info on the 5G effects as I am sending them a specific invitation to work together with us (FCP) on producing info packs to target individual groups specifying how 5G will impact their current concerns- ie vaccines, all health issues, kids etc.... There are other further steps and proposals I can elaborate on, but first things first. Thanks for asking
Wednesday 18 April 2018, 13:15:35
I wish I could post my photos that I took here as the evidence, but am unable to. Anyway, below four occurrences of climate engineering and experimentation:

June 12 2017 - I saw perfectly-round bubble clouds formation grid superimposed on a grey-matrix of thicker cloud (a cumulus blanket) stretching as far as the eye can see in any direction. This is an unknown cloud to science. (at the back of my mind could be a scalar beam or some type of satellite-mounted device). Noticed this on my front lawn.

Feb 28 2018 - Saw a 22 degree halo around the moon (very rare occurance in nature) caused by either particles in the upper atmosphere (stratosphere) or crystals. Noticed this on my front lawn.

April 9 2018 - This one was unreal! At the park near my house, Maddy and I saw a very weird sky. It was cloudless, colour blue, but had lots of particles in the sky that almost created a grey hue tinge to it. Also noticed a few stick-formation of cirrus clouds (very thin and fine). But the most obvious was the huge 22 degree halo around the sun, clear and round. Further proof that the atmosphere was saturated in some type of element or crystals that refracted the sun rays (light waves) into our individual views; no matter where you stood. (very rare occurrence in nature).

April 13 2018 - It's on multiple Presses (see it for yourselves), but state of Idaho had 50 geese died unexpectedly in weird weather conditions. Accident never been seen before by any ministries of natural resources. Seven of the fifty geese were opened up, all had ruptured lungs and no signs of burning caused by lightning strike.

Weather here is a little strange - nothing that I've seen in my lifetime, neither my dad's nor my grandfather (asked him just before he passed away last year) says he's never seen inconsistent weather patterns with weird clouds of the sort and inconsistent winters. By coincidence, it just happened a few years ago, the weather station across from where I live, has decided to renew the contract and offer the maintenance & operations to Raytheon, who won against Lockheed Martin. Fortunately, I have an uncle who works for Raytheon under secret clearance and works with weather equipment including old 1970's radar stations and top-of-the-line orbiting satellites. Next time he's at my house for a drink, I'll ask him a few questions, hopefully he's permitted to answer cause I'm sure some stuff would be classified info.
Wednesday 18 April 2018, 15:36:32
Correction: for the geese it was April 7 2018 and not April 13 2018
Saturday 21 April 2018, 05:07:06
see separate update post 26/04/2018
Thursday 26 April 2018, 11:01:15
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