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We will be hosting a special "Full Pink Moon" meditation [...]

New York, New York
via Prepare For Change
We will be hosting a special "Full Pink Moon" meditation (after the "Goddess Meditation")
With this, we have the energetic opportunity:
1) to help the Light forces push forward with Full Disclosure,
2) for healing ourselves and each other,
3) and most importantly, to anchor the Divine Feminine energy more fully within this realm of Divine Earth, to affect planetary change both more quickly, smoothly and easily ...

Join us on our MEDITATIONS ON THE GO platform:… , where we bring Light and Love into all Discord !
On Monday, April 30th:
- "Full Pink Moon" meditation at 02:45pm UTC (10:45am EDT)
- "Goddess Meditation" at 02:30pm UTC (10:30am EDT)
Note: To immediately join the meditation, PLEASE JOIN THE AUDIO Room called MEDITATION SPECIAL

For more background information:…
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