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I live in Marysville and i'm looking for like minded [...]

Marysville, Washington
via FCP - United States - North West U.S. - Seattle Metro Surrounding Areas
I live in Marysville and i'm looking for like minded individuals in the snohomish county interested in coming together to fight fluoride in our immediate water supply and the different water supply's and start measuring the radiation from Fukushima here in the Pudget Sound and other areas to bring conscious awareness to the subject and the levels of radioactive nuclear toxic waste and ah plan to demand ah course of action from our elected representatives . If interested in fighting fluoride in our local water supply and or Fukushima awareness toxic radiation text levels then please introduce yourself and send me a line
Hi Brian.. good call. If you put Marysville or the county into the search, you will see a few folks you can pm (private message) directly. Do this even if they are not on FCP (they will be on the coeo platform) or appear as 'inactive'..they may NOT be inactive on the ground, and they will receive an email notification that you want to contact them.
You can also make and post flyers and posters for your area and get others engaged who would be concerned about water quality. Growers? Schools? Existing community groups? Good luck and let us know what kind of response you have.
Tuesday 5 June 2018, 09:37:45
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