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Rough ketch of wht i intend to do New project My [...]

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Rough ketch of wht i intend to do

New project

My title: Simon from Colstrope (my place of conception)

Name of site: Companions or Quompanions qompanions Kompanions

3 sections

1. Home front
Promoting and sharing sustainable home garden
Energy/ethical sources/off grid/home generation
Water/harvesting/local supplies/conservation
Sustainable transport
Animal friends in house and garden

2. Helpful friends

Promoting a community role
of giving and receiving in

Animal, mineral and plant kingdoms

local geographic area


Social media


3. Daily Bread

For the foreseeable future, forms of earning cash will be necessary,

Lawful avoidance of all government and corperate tarrifs/taxes

Minimal use of fossil fuels

No use of toxic materials

Vegan guest house

Trading surplus food and useful supplies

Using previuos Skills, qualifications, interests and experience

Tree and shrub care

Rough grass and brush management

Permaculture and forest gardening, certificate in Vegan Permaculture Design

Technicians certificate in arboriculture

Also blog page: Down the Rabbit Hole
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