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the gig is is why I offered to pay [...]

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
via The Full Circle Project
the gig is is why I offered to pay for it all ..jesus kicked the money changers out of the its time the people took back the temple and the money changers ..know the gig is up rip [ps we love you and thank you..but your fired [what govt does for you shall not be forgotten ..nor how the game was played..we are all greeks so repent before the people find out the real truth of what you did...many towns cities have been plunderd by the likes of dunn and bradstreet...

and the many other money changers run out of 5 family trusts..dont need to get angry..just tell them the gig is up take ya wealth and go your fired

[the people shall reclaim their public assets and all debt must be cancelled before that day in september ..that is decreed ..all land /public infastructure etc is to return to the origonal holders [you know the gig]..via the law of the key money changers..[ who know of which we speak]..we are all gods people now..get it? ..for details see one under god facebook page and the SUN treaty ..among other pages…

what you did was not know it we know it

but were not angry..god has mercy and grace..but don't count on it if you push the point;) we all get mates rates..leverage and all the gifts the bwankers featherd their nests are now your own much for you need?..

gods paying for it as previously described..failing this I begin listing the pages that record the fine details beginning with all wars are bankers wars..normal services will resume asp..failing that others stand ready waiting ..but lets try the nice way first eh?..timing is everything*.

.in the mean-time listen to but a short sample and share the link around ..if their smart it ends here..and they are the cleverest god put here on earth to test far they failed big time..but god has faith so must I..

i bare grace and mercy.yes and full forgivness
.now its your turn to be nice..[or not] pressure of course..

its your choice
one under god [on strike/on point]
yanus will explain it to you..;)
Thursday 23 July 2015, 12:19:58
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