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Both Democratic and Republican senators came together last month to vote yes on the Congressional Review Act which overturns the Federal Communications Commission's unpopular and money-grubbing decision to repeal net neutrality. Now, we have a chance to defeat the FCC's sh*tty ruling for good with a solid yes vote from the House of Representatives.

Add your name to protect internet freedom: Tell the House to pass the CRA resolution and stop the repeal of net neutrality.


The FCC's decision to repeal net neutrality officially went into effect this Monday. That means we're subject to the whims of big internet service providers. Without net neutrality rules, these companies can pick and choose which sites, applications and services we can visit - including the ability to slow down access to the sites so that they're essentially defunct and inaccessible. As if that wasn't enough of a barrier, these billion dollar companies are legally within their rights to charge us fees per site on top of our monthly internet bill. Are you feeling broke yet?

We need to move fast to convince the House of Reps that we really, truly don't want this new rule to stick. Americans deserve a free and open internet to use not just for leisure purposes, but for education as well. This repeal of net neutrality means that many children and poor communities will be cut off from the ability to learn. That's a travesty I'm not willing to let happen without a fight.

The FCC CANNOT WIN ON THIS. Sign the petition and tell our elected leaders that they need to represent the public interest and bring back net neutrality by voting yes on the CRA.


Keep fighting,
Kelli Soto, Daily Kos

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