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Let's make this grow, connect with 3 neighbors, who have [...]

Clinton, Washington
via The Full Circle Project
Let's make this grow, connect with 3 neighbors, who have to connect with 3 other neighbors to form the first "cell", then have at least one "connected" neighbor at a distance to start another cell, thus get a large viral mouth-to-mouth common unity (community) with folks we actually know.
And so on.
A cell can meet anytime, anywhere, on a regular basis or totally informally, randomly, at least these four persons know each other, know how to find each other and communicate necessary information, then spread it with your other cells.
So a network of neighbors can grow and certainly outgrow whatever electronic, virtual, even MSM networks, in a short time (snowball effect, 3 guys from your street, block or side of the... Don't need to be friends), and be a mean to communicate information through small meetings, sidewalk chats and mass community emails, with eventually a website platform to condensate and spread information, that unites all the cells and define intentions, a platform exactly like
Let's get to know each other!
They call me FRed.
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