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A Vision of Global Prosperity The following is a 12 part [...]

London, Ontario
via The Full Circle Project
A Vision of Global Prosperity
The following is a 12 part audio coarse presented by the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) released in the year 2000.

This series is designed to provide you with the tools and freedom technologies necessary to exercise your unalienable right to privacy, right to contract, right to travel, right to entity, right to alias and the right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. This coarse is designed to maximize initiative, freedom & creativity to generate wealth, security & privacy for all the people. Welcome to prosperity!…

Additionally The De-Program Network is making available a MindMap of legal remedies (inter alia) that is under constant review/update as new information becomes available. This "work" is being made available free of charge as a public service.

As with anything that can cause a paradigm shift in thought processes, take whatever you deem of value with you, and dismiss what offends the soul.…
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