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Hi everyone. Been away for a short while in 'troll' [...]

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Hi everyone. Been away for a short while in 'troll' land. I can confirm 'they' live up to their name: SHORT - UGLY AND DOWN RIGHT INTRUSIVE

Anyways back now. What have I missed? Oh! Best check it out.
Hey ! It's about time your back . thought maybe you bought a Tesla car pack your bags and moved to mars .
Welcome back
Monday 25 June 2018, 03:57:20
Lol! Tempted to go on one of these but I had to have my drivers licence with me to rent one for a couple of hours. Went for a pint to drown my sorrors and the pint cost as much as hiring the vehicle for two hours. I sulked for the rest of the day.
Monday 25 June 2018, 16:47:33
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